Auditions for Southern Chorale and voice placement for University Singers occur the weekend before classes start each Fall Semester.  Placement for University singers also occurs the weekend before the Spring Semester.  Southern Chorale is a year-long commitment with the exception of Student Teachers who are allowed Fall admittance only.  When unexpected events require a person to leave Southern Chorale auditions will be held for that student’s voice part.




Auditions occur in the Foy Music Building on the GSU campus room 4030 on the fourth floor. Building number 205 on this map link:




In August, you will find a link to a Google Doc via the Sing at Southern and Southern Chorale Facebook pages.  On this online document, you will sign up (whether you are audition for Southern Chorale or doing voice placement for University Singers) for a 10 min time slot for your in-person audition on either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  Call Backs for Southern Chorale occur on Sunday afternoon.  A list of student who are invited to “Call backs” will be posted on the Sing at Southern and Southern Chorale Facebook pages.  You must attend Call Backs in order to be considered for Southern Chorale. During these, you will take a Music Skills Test.




You do NOT need to have a solo prepared. The audition focuses on materials that you have not seen.  Please, however, be ready to sing “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”.


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The Process.





You will receive this from the choral assistant when you arrive.  Please arrive about 10 mins prior to your scheduled time.





In Person Audition

Simple vocalizations to determine your natural voice, areas of strength and weakness, and find the voice that best serves the choir.


“My County, ‘Tis of Thee”

  1. Sing at a given tempo unaccompanied in a couple of keys

  2. Sing a few bars straight tone

  3. Sing a few bars sotto voce (with a quiet undertone quality, as if singing to yourself)

  4. Sing a few bars loudly

  5. Perform a few short vocal exercises to help determine your natural voice range

Aural Skills/Tonal Memory

  1. Sing back a series of played pitches

  2. A chord is played (only once) – sing the middle, top, or bottom pitch


  1. You are given a sing line written in either treble or bass clef, I-IV-V-I in the key area, and your starting pitch.

  2. You have about a minute to look over the example (best to sing out loud) and then you will be given the key area and starting pitch again.

  3. You Sing!

  4. The starting pitch will not be played again, nor any other pitches in the example.

Before leaving, the candidate will be told when they can expect to hear back about how they did (posted on Facebook). Do not expect any feedback immediately following your audition.





Call Backs

Usually men and women are first asked to come at separate times then will meet back all together. Everyone will receive a copy of a least two choral pieces for which you will sight-read and rehearse together. You may be asked to sing a part by yourself or with another.


Music Skill Test

  1. This is a multiple-choice test taken aurally.

  2. Music examples will be played twice; you will indicate whether they were the same, if the rhythm was different or if a pitch was different.